What Are Good Specs For A Table Laptop? Best Buyer Guide

For any programmer, office manager, gamer, or just an amateur to sit or lie down at a laptop, the most important nuance is the arrangement of a comfortable workplace. If you do not take into account a laptop, the main element in this matter is a laptop table. For those who suddenly decided to purchase a standard computer table for the first time, and want to know about What Are Good Specs For A Table Laptop? it will be a pleasant surprise that there are still a large number of varieties of tables for any occasion.

What Are Good Specs For A Table Laptop

What Are Good Specs For A Table Laptop?

Developers of new types of computer tables are not standing still. Now, in addition to the fact that the device should stand steadily on this table, we will emphasize a few more features that affect the buyer’s decision when buying:

  • The presence of a built-in cooling system or just a fan.
  • The possibility of its transportation.
  • Form factor.
  • Level raising and lowering function.
  • Fixation of the working device.
  • A specially designated place for the mouse.
  • Inserts for pens and other stationery.
  • Product design and material.

And this is not the whole list, the creators further combine ideas and types of tables with each other to make the user’s life, at least in this little detail, easier and more convenient.

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Which laptop table is best?

Let’s revise the main types of laptop tables, which differ in their design, compactness and purpose.

Which Laptop Table Is Best

foldable laptop table

A folding table for a laptop has a different name for a table a transformer. It differs from other types by the possibility of sliding a special shelf for a mouse, under a mug, and under other office items. This type is considered ideal for travel, as it is light in weight with maximum functionality. Standard transformers have four short legs, but among all, there are models with two legs bifurcated at the base. In more expensive models, there is the ability to change the height of the table.

In addition, the user has the ability to change the degree of inclination of the laptop base, thanks to the adjustable laptop table. Such models look quite solid, compact, and also fully adapt to the user. There are also versions with one main leg, but they are less convenient to move and are used more as stationary.

Transformers are great for work sitting on a chair, lying on a couch, sitting on the floor, in a car, and even on an airplane. Some models have a built-in cooling system, which will not be superfluous on a hot summer day.

The price of a folding laptop table is not high, but it still depends on its configuration and capabilities.

chair with laptop table

This model is both a laptop table and an armchair at the same time. Two in one. The tabletop itself has the ability to move and rotate as convenient for the user. At first glance, it seems that it is somewhat unreliable, but by installing the device there, we will make sure that the fastening method is safe.

Externally, the table is not small in size and is not portable, but it looks modern and pleasant. Also, a small footrest extends for the legs, which creates convenience and comfort for the user. Unfortunately, such a table for a laptop is worth a lot, but the furniture pays for itself by maintaining the correct posture of the gamer.

Chair With Laptop Table

laptop desk for bed

This type of computer furniture was designed specifically for those who like to “lie down” in bed while working on a laptop. The bed table will be especially useful for moviegoers who care and take responsibility for the cleanliness of their device since the laptop needs a hard surface so as not to absorb all the bed dust.

The table is a rather big tabletop with short legs. Regular standard models do not perform any special functions, except for being stable on a sofa or bed surface.

The table can be either wooden (laminated MDF) or made of durable plastic with steel legs.

Couch and bedside

A bedside or side table for a laptop is the most common type of computer furniture. Its main distinguishing feature is the presence of castors on legs or base. He can safely drive off and drive up to the sofa, which in turn makes a comfortable chair out of the sofa. Quite a bold solution for small rooms, where an armchair or chair will be an extra piece of furniture.

Additionally, the bedside laptop table has:

  • Lower pull-out shelf for the keyboard (some models can be fitted with a stationary computer).
  • Built-in USB fan.
  • Viewing angle adjuster (adjustable base).
  • Limiters that are manually set depending on the size of the laptop.
  • Possibility of adjusting the tabletop by offsetting the base.

In terms of dimensions, it can be very different: from 1.5 meters by 1 meter and up to a semicircular tabletop in the form of a letter C. Bedside tables are solid and collapsible. Collapsible furniture is convenient for transportation.

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laptop table on wheels

Not only the bedside table has wheels. A conventional stationary table also has casters. Of course, it will be difficult to put it on a sofa or bed, but the convenience when moving it around the room or office is guaranteed. Most of all, this type is used in offices where there are many employees who have a need for boxes.

By and large, the price of such a table is kept at the level of MDF furniture without a vehicle.

Corner laptop table

Here the name speaks for itself. This laptop table will perfectly fit into any room design and brighten up its corner. Since the corner table does not have small-sized surfaces, it also accommodates other computer equipment (speakers, router, etc.) or even a vase with a flower.

On the Internet, there are also models of the “minimalism” style, with several shelves or drawers below. And also in the maximum configuration, which includes: side set, wall shelves, table shelves, drawers, cabinets.

Minimal tables are more used in offices, and massive sets are bought for home, for children, for doing homework, storing textbooks and simply presenting a room.

The design of corner tables is very different and for every taste, limited only by the imagination of the manufacturer or the imagination of the customer, if the order is individual.

wall mounted laptop table

Based on the reviews found on the network, a wall table requires a clear definition in the design of the room and the arrangement of furniture. They are also great space savers. But, assembling such furniture, we realize that it will stay there for a long time. To change the location of such a table, new mounting holes are made.

A small table for a laptop, consisting of a small tabletop and fasteners, can also be wall-mounted. There is also a whole wall complex. In addition to the surface, it also includes shelves in different quantities, retractable surfaces and legs.

There are models that look like old secretaries. That is, outwardly, a small bedside table hangs on the wall, the door of which, when open, serves as the table itself, and inside there are shelves and drawers.

Of all the types and models of tables, this is considered the most ergonomic. But it will also cost a lot.

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what is the standard size of a laptop table?

As a rule, the manufacturer tries to make a portable table for the laptop so that it is easy to carry, like the device itself. Consequently, it is small in size. “Small” means a worktop with dimensions from 50 to 60 cm wide. These dimensions are great for safe use of the device, but without the possibility of adding something extra. Unless, of course, a special pull-out shelf is provided for this. Folding laptop tables are usually produced with such dimensions.

Larger options are also possible. It all depends on the wishes of the buyers. If desired, make a portable folding laptop table from a large-sized one.


As with any furniture, there are material standards for tables under a laptop:

  • wooden laptop table. In principle, any kind of furniture is created from wood. From a desk for a laptop to any room headset. The quality depends on the type of wood. Outwardly, such furniture looks great, especially if it is made of natural wood. Models made of laminated MDF look no worse, but they serve much less.
  • bamboo laptop table. It looks very original and will fit into any interior style. Let’s underline the fact that bamboo is considered one of the strongest and most durable materials for creating furniture. On the Internet, you rarely find folding laptop tables, more stationary, on wheels or corner ones.
  • plastic laptop table. They are lightweight and this is their main priority. But, do not forget that it is possible to create bold solutions from plastic for an ultra-modern high-tech, loft, or modern style. The wave of fashion keeps these three styles at the top. Also, unlike wooden furniture, plastic has a rich color range.
  • Aluminum laptop table. Has both pros and cons. We add reliability, strength, and quality factor to the list of advantages. Of the minuses, for example, the impressive weight, the limited interface. We also remember that aluminum is a cold metal, which means that it acts as a cooling device on a heated device.
  • Glass laptop table. It looks very fashionable, but also fragile. The main type is transparent glass, and possibly frosted or patterned. Such a table is more suitable for minimalists in their apartment.


The color of furniture for laptops is perhaps the most unexpected, but still, when choosing, it is better to start from the type and material. For example, a laptop table would look wild in blue or pink and would be more suited to wood. And the laptop stand looks just like any rainbow color or shade.

Do not forget about the interior of the room. Black and white colors and shades are suitable for a classic or loft-style, and rich bright colors for a country or Mediterranean style.

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What specs should a good laptop have?

Before buying such furniture, you should first decide: where it will stand. Either it’s an office, or it’s an apartment (house), or it’s a coworking space. The next factor influencing the choice is the purpose of using the laptop. If the user often travels, walks with a job, to coffee shops, then this is no secret – a folding laptop table is more suitable for him.

Accordingly, a wall-mounted one is suitable for an electrical workshop, and a bedside or bedside-down one is suitable for a bedroom.

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