What is best os for tablets in 2023: Pros and Cons

Choosing the right operating system for your tablet guarantees the usability of the device, its performance (system response time), and its lifespan. so let discuss what is the best OS for tablets.

Each operating system for tablets has its own pros and cons

What Is Best Os For Tablets

what is the Best Os For Tablets

iOS For tablets

The most popular and widespread tablet today is Apple iPad.The operating system of this tablet is iOS, which already has nine versions. What makes it different from the rest?

iOS for tablets pros and cons

IOS Pros
  • optimization of the operating system of the tablet;
  • a huge number of applications in the App Store;
  • numerous accessories;
  • intuitive interface;
  • the relevance of the model (iOS 9 supports the 2nd generation iPad, which was released in 2011);
  • working time (10 hours of active use);
  • a backup on a PC or in the iCloud service (a full copy of the data is stored on the selected medium and, if they are deleted from your device, you can always restore them);
  • closedness of the system.
IOS Cons
  • price;
  • expensive accessories (connectors, adapters);
  • feature of data transfer to other devices;
  • closedness of the system;
  • willfulness of the OS.
iOS For tablets

I would like to pay special attention to such a program as iTunes, which is an integral part of the Apple ecosystem. With its help, data exchange with a personal computer is carried out. For some, this seems problematic and difficult, but for experienced iTunes users it is still a convenient tool: you do not need to look for the Books or Music folder to drop the necessary files there – just a mouse movement is enough.

The closed nature of the operating system of the Apple tablet computer is the subject of much controversy among users. On the one hand, it avoids the introduction of viruses on the device and provides only verified material in the App Store. But on the other hand, you will not be able to install third-party programs from Internet resources or various “decorations” on your device. The so-called Jailbreak has gained particular popularity, an illegal operation that allows you to open the iOS system to install third-party software – programs, widgets, keyboards, lock screens, etc. Previously, with its help, it was possible to make all kinds of purchases in applications: coins, VIP statuses etc. But over time, the number of such applications decreases, and now these manipulations can be performed with a small number of programs.

The next issue is watching movies and listening to music, which can be easily solved using both paid and free programs for playing video and audio files installed through iTunes. A library with your materials is also created there, which are automatically sent to you when the device is synchronized. You can transfer songs one at a time and listen through the built-in standard Music application. It happens that there is no computer nearby. In this case, you can buy audio recordings, clips, movies, and other media from the iTunes store directly to your device, or use third-party software as an alternative.

Android opertating system for tablets

Android is the best operating system for tablets provided by Google. Being an open-source system, it allows any user to customize it for himself – there are additional keyboards, color schemes, themes, launchers, etc. Due to this flexibility, we get almost the maximum number of various devices under the control of the same operating system. tablet systems. The only question is, how much is it needed? Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to find any setting in the menu without additional requests to Google (paradox).

Android opertating system for tablets Pros & Cons

Pros of Adriod OS:
  • price
  • convenient widgets;
  • a large number of applications;
  • pre-installed Google services;
  • can be used as a mobile phone;
  • openness of the file system.
Pros of Android OS:
  • the relevance of the firmware (a small number of tablets that will support the new update);
  • unoptimized system;
  • openness of the file system.
Android opertating system for tablets

When buying a tablet-based on Android, you should understand that “how much you bought the device that is how it works”, so you should not expect constant support of high-quality games and programs, as well as high-speed work from a tablet. Although quite often inexpensive tablets can please you with their functionality and excellent work.

The OS is poorly optimized due to a large number of manufacturers using this system. For example, you won’t be able to find an iOS tablet from Acer or Asus, while Android-based products are created by almost all modern companies. Therefore, for stable operation, users have to use cleaning programs so that the device does not overload its memory. In this plan, Android tablets lose to rivals.

The openness of the file system is subject to a lot of controversies in exactly the same way as the closedness of the OS described above. It has a number of pros and cons. For example, you can introduce a virus by installing an application from an unknown developer and opening it on your device, after which blocking will follow, send an SMS to the owner’s number, followed by a withdrawal of funds (tablets with a SIM card) and so on. But if you are careful, read reviews, listen to the opinion of avid Android fans, you can avoid such problems. A significant advantage is the installation of third-party programs downloaded from the Internet (paid – for free) and, as mentioned earlier, the ability to customize the OS for yourself. Only now it is not easy for an ordinary user to find the right site, to download the required application.

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Windows OS for tablets

Windows family has been replenished with a line of tablets quite recently. They have not gained wide popularity (this is due to the failure of Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT), but in the near future the situation on the market may change for the better it all depends on how Windows 10 shows itself. Check Best Windows Tablets.

Windows OS for tablets Pros & Cons

Windows Operating system Pros:
  • a full-fledged operating system for Windows tablets (not to be confused with Windows RT, which has a large number of limitations);
  • support for board games and programs (Office, Adobe, etc.);
  • convenience of work;
  • speed and stability;
  • optimization;
  • USB outputs.
Windows Os cons:
  • price (often overpriced);
  • a relatively small selection of games and applications in the Market Place (who knows how the XBOX application will show itself on computers).
Windows OS for tablets

Particular attention should be paid to the version of the system: Windows RT or just Windows. The first is distinguished by various restrictions that restrain you when performing actions. For example, you cannot install programs from the desktop version of Windows.

Tablets running this operating system are often marketed as convertible tablets. There are also convertible laptops with a touch screen. The main advantage of Windows devices is support for desktop applications since most Windows 8 tablets run on the x86 architecture. This allows you to run not heavy programs and games: Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Counter-Strike, Fruity Loops, and much more. You can work on a touch screen, touchpad or connect a mouse. With the release of Windows 10, this plus will be even greater, as the system will be the same for all devices.



We’ve covered the very best operating systems for tablets. Each of them is good in its own way, so you should choose based on your personal preferences: cool applications and games iOS, always a different and interesting work screen Android, desktop programs, and office Windows. And, most importantly, do not forget: the miser pays twice. Happy shopping, friends!