Which DDR3 RAM is best for laptop

When choosing a new laptop, one of the main factors that affect it is random access memory (RAM). The type of memory, its parameters, volume, frequency, the peak speed of digital information transfer all this has an impact on the speed of loading applications, operating system, and device performance. Let’s take a closer look at Which DDR3 RAM Is Best For Laptop and one of the current types of RAM for a laptop DDR3.

Which DDR3 RAM Is Best For Laptop

Device and principle of operation

Random access memory is a type of laptop memory, to which free access is open for storing information, but temporarily. Thanks to this element, the operating system and any other software works on our device. It looks like a simple “bar”, which contains a set of microcircuits, modules intended for connection to the motherboard.

Figuratively speaking, RAM is like bee cells (honeycombs), where each cell stores a certain amount (volume) of information.

Its principle of operation is to store information received from external nodes (hard disk, solid-state disk) and transfer it to the central processor for processing. There is also such a thing as “cache memory”. This is a buffer zone that stores frequently requested digital information. This helps reduce the time it takes to transfer information from RAM to the processor, which leads to an increase in the overall performance of the laptop.

From a technological point of view, it performs its function only when it is powered. When the power is cut off, it loses all stored information.

Memory type SO-DIMM DDR3

There are two types of memory, but for laptop computers, only one is used SO-DIMM (Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module). It differs from the first type (DIMM) in more compact dimensions, thanks to which it can be safely installed on ultrabooks or netbooks.

There are also four types of RAM, but we are now interested in one DDR3 since it works perfectly with almost all motherboards and central processors.

DDR3 is a somewhat outdated type of RAM that was released back in 2007 and was relevant until 2011 when DDR4 was introduced. Today, such a bar can be bought in the public domain, despite the fact that it is not currently used as the main one. If they buy it, it is only to expand their volume and raise the frequency by another 2400 MHz.

Note that modern devices do not have the ability to install this type, since they only support the 4th version of DDR.

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Which DDR3 RAM Is Best For Laptop?

What should you pay attention to in order to choose which DDR3 RAM Is Best For Laptop?

Which DDR3 RAM Is Best For Laptop

Purpose: what you want to increase memory?

As mentioned, laptop computers exclusively use the SO-DIMM type. In addition, before buying an additional RAM strip, you should first pay attention to the number of slots inside the laptop. Usually, their number does not exceed 2, but it also happens that manufacturers do not provide the ability to expand the amount of RAM. Next, let’s look at the slot type:

  • The width of the DDR 3 slot is about 6.76 mm, not more.
  • The width of the slot for DDR4 is 69.6mm.

And if the average user decides to expand the memory capacity, then it is better that the service center specialists do it.

How much ram do you need?

Undoubtedly, it is better if the RAM is as large as possible. Today it is believed that everything that starts from 16 GB is powerful RAM, which will easily click any energy-intensive software.

But, before installing a large amount of RAM, you should make sure that the processor and motherboard are compatible with it (and give a power gap in operation). Moreover, the price of one bar is not small, in order to spend serious money on it, you first need to decide on the purposes for which the laptop will be used.

For example, for office or home purposes on a 32-bit Windows system, 3 GB of RAM will be sufficient. And for games or video editing, a 64-bit version of the system with 4 GB of RAM or more is required.

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Work frequency

The clock frequency of the RAM is an important indicator that directly affects the speed of the system and the speed of the device as a whole. Starting with the very first type and with each edition of a new type of RAM, it has increased from 350 MHz to a maximum of 1600 MHz, which indicates its information transfer at a speed of 3200 Mt / s.

The higher the frequency, the faster the transfer of information, hence the device works faster. To choose RAM for a laptop, be sure to take PM into account.


Timing is the latency of the RAM, on which the speed of the device depends to some extent. Not essential, but still depends. Before its work, the system is prepared for the exchange of information, and the timing number shows how many cycles this preparation will last. The lower its indicator, the faster the RAM will do its job.

But it’s not that simple. Choosing the newest type of RAM – we unwittingly become the owners of the plank with the highest timing. So it is, and modern technologies have not yet found a solution to this problem. Again, if this is a simple laptop, and not a mobile workstation (with the need to achieve maximum performance), then this indicator is looked at last.

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It is necessary to select an additional OP based on the main voltage indicator. For example, if the native installed RAM for a ddr3 laptop works at a voltage of 1.2 V, then when buying, we focus on a similar voltage.


An important factor when choosing an OP is its cooling method. In addition to the main cooling system of the laptop, there is a separate, not like a “system”, but rather a cooling element for the RAM chip. It is called a “radiator”.

Due to the fact that the RAM bar heats up and burns out under loads, a radiator for cooling the OP was invented. It is made of cold metal (copper, aluminum) and according to the laws of physics, it takes all the heat from the chip.

Especially a passive cooling element is necessary when the user knows that the RAM will often work at its limits. Laptop manufacturers must install heatsinks on devices with DDR3 and DDR4 RAM.

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Manufacturers of DDR3 RAM For Laptop

Over time, several leading brands in the production of high-quality OP have established themselves on the market:

  • Crucial – this company is located in the United States and was created already in 1978, as a branch of the famous technology company Micron. In addition to OP, he is also engaged in the creation of solid-state and flash drives.
  • Corsair Components – was created in 1994 and from that moment made its name thanks to the production of any computer equipment and components for it.
  • HyperX – this manufacturer specializes more in gaming equipment, but SSD drives, DDR3, DDR4 RAM and flash drives have brought him fame and authority.
  • AMD – it’s hard to find a user who has never heard of AMD. TOP ratings claim that this AMD is in first place among all the others. The company produces all component parts and even sells stationary blocks already assembled.
  • Goodram is a Polish company operating under the Wilk Electronik SA brand. The company was founded in 1991, but RAM modules began to be produced only in 2003 to this day.

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