Best White Mini-ITX Build: Compact PC Build With Parts 2023

Building a white mini-ITX build is a great way to show your power and flexibility. The case has plenty of room for all your hardware, and the small footprint makes it perfect for tight spaces. Here are some key features to consider when PC building a white mini-ITX build:

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2AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-CoreCheck Price
4NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Founders Edition 8GBCheck Price
5Western Digital 1TB WD Blue SN550 NVMeCheck Price
6Cooler Master V650 SFX GoldCheck Price

White Mini-ITX: Case Cooler Master NR200P

One such example is the Cooler Master NR200P. It has a nice design, great ventilation, and a layout that was previously mostly found only in custom cases from enthusiasts.

white mini itx case cooler master nr200p
white mini itx case cooler master nr200p

Buy Case Cooler Master NR200P at Amazon

Actually, I’ll start with him. So that you understand what I was guided by when choosing hardware and options for installing it. And then I’ll tell you about the rest of the components and show the tests.

So, the NR200P is not amazing in its size, compared to some of the cases that I have already used for my builds, but still it is very different from the Full tower. And with a fairly small size, it gives great opportunities for assembly.

Firstly, there is excellent through ventilation from the bottom up, so you can not be afraid that powerful iron will suffocate inside. Secondly, there is flexibility in choosing the format of the power supply and where to install it.

Liquid cooling in White Mini-ITX

Depending on the size of the video card, you can choose between SFX, SFX-L, and ATX. And with a budget assembly, this is a great opportunity to save on the power supply. In addition, you can use a liquid cooling system here, which again is a rarity for Mini-ITX. One place is on the side frame, which covers all the beauty and does not fit if you use glass, the second place is from the bottom

The legs are high, so the air flow is good. For the bottom installation of the LSS, the video card will need to be placed vertically. There is such an opportunity here too. The NR200 with a “P” in its name even comes with a matching riser. True, it is PCI-Express 3.0

The same set also comes with an additional tempered glass side that can be installed instead of a perforated metal cover. By the way, the side covers here are fastened with latches. For convenience, two complete fans are installed without screws. To fix the wires in the right places, there are already fastexes.

The metal is processed so that there are no sharp corners. And the interface panel connectors are fastened with a special clip, which greatly facilitates the process of connecting all these small connectors in a limited space. In general, trifles, but from such things the overall impression is formed.

MiniITX, MiniDTX staged MicroATX

Finally, thanks to the extra space at the bottom, in addition to Mini-ITX and Mini-DTX, some manage to shove even MicroATX motherboards here. But not every such fee will fit here. In addition, you will have to abandon the installation of lower fans, or take them with a smaller diameter.

other Hardware parts for White Mini-ITX PC build

other hardware parts for white mini itx pc build
other hardware parts for white mini itx pc build

Now about the hardware, I chose for this build. This time I wanted to do without fanaticism with the most powerful iron. Therefore, I took the folk Ryzen 5 3600 as a basis and installed it in the motherboard on the B550 chipset. You can, of course, take the B450, but in this case, there will be no support for PCI-Express 4.0. And the upgrade prospects will be more limited. And the difference is not big enough to save.

Motherboard for White Mini-ITX PC build

So, this is the GIGABYTE B550I AORUS PRO AX. Despite its modest dimensions, this is not a children’s board at all, with rich equipment, all sorts of Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5 and a good power subsystem, which, no joke, even pulls Ryzen 9 5950X . In general, this is TOP for your money.

RTX 3060 Ti video card Mini-ITX PC build

rtx 3060 ti video card for mini itx pc build
rtx 3060 ti video card for mini itx pc build

The most painful issue is the video card. I chose probably the most interesting video card of the 3000 series RTX 3060 Ti by Founders Edition. It’s just made for compact builds. And in order for its cooling to work as intended, passing heated air from the bottom up, I decided to install it in a classic way, additionally increasing the air flow with a couple more fans from the bottom

A vertical installation and a complete riser are better suited for video cards of the past generation on PCI-Express 3.0. For example, for a similar performance RTX 2080 Super.

Moreover, there is plenty of space here. In this case, you can install LSS from below. The main thing is to figure out how to fix the hoses so that they do not get warm on the backplate of the video card. But with the RTX 3060 Ti, the processor will cool the tower cooler that is more familiar to many, and not the LSS, for which there is no longer room for horizontal installation.

By the way, keep in mind that the height of the tower is limited to one hundred and fifty-five millimeters. Interestingly, the Cooler Master itself has towers starting at one hundred and fifty-eight millimeters. But I found an option that fit here, both in size and color.

This is the DeepCool Gammaxx 400 in rare white. 16 GB of RAM is enough for everything so far, so we won’t be fanatic either. Unless you can take instead of 3200 MHz, for example, 3600. The processor will appreciate it.

Storage device

western digital 1tb wd blue sn550 nvme
western digital 1tb wd blue sn550 nvme

Under the system and games there will be such a terabyte Western Digital 1TB WD Blue SN550 NVMe. This is an affordable model with a quad-channel controller, 3D NAND TLC memory, and a good speed 2060 MB read and 1650 MB write. In general, much more interesting than SATA SSD for the same money.

Power Supply for White Mini-ITX PC build

All this will be powered by a modular power supply Cooler Master V650 SFX Gold. And as I said, if you use a short video card, you can also install a regular ATX block. But unlike SFX, it will take air inside the case.

For the RTX 3060 Ti, Nvidia recommends a 600W PSU just in case. But this is already with a margin. For example, this system consumes about three hundred watts from an outlet. By the way, up to one hundred and thirty watts, the power supply operates in a completely passive mode.

FAQ about White Mini-ITX Build

Is a Mini-ITX build worth it?

Mini-ITX is a popular motherboard form factor for PCs. There are many reasons why you might want to build a PC using this form factor: you want a small, low-power system; you don’t have the space for a larger motherboard; or you just prefer miniaturization. However, there are trade-offs to consider when building a PC using mini-ITX motherboards. The most common question is whether or not it’s worth building a PC using this form factor, and the answer largely depends on your specific needs and preferences. If size and power aren’t important to you, then mini-ITX may not be the best option for you. Conversely, if size and power are critical factors for you, then mini-ITX may be the best option for you.

Are Mini-ITX builds good for gaming?

Mini-ITX builds are often thought of as a good choice for gaming because they are compact and offer a lot of features for the price. However, there are some considerations that need to be made before making the decision to go with a mini-ITX build for gaming. For one, it is important to make sure that the graphics card will fit in the case, as most mini-ITX builds do not have room for larger cards. Additionally, it is necessary to consider how much storage space is available and whether or not an internal storage solution like a hard drive or SSD will be adequate.

Is Cooler Master NR200P good?

When looking for a budget-friendly cooler, the Cooler Master NR200P is a decent option. It can keep your computer chilled with its two cooling towers and 60mm fan. Plus, it’s easy to carry around and doesn’t take up too much space. However, some users have complained about quality control issues with this product, so it’s worth considering other options if you’re seriously considering purchasing one.


The white mini-ITX build PC is a great option for anyone looking for a small, stylish, and powerful PC. It offers many advantages over traditional tower PCs, and it can be used for a variety of purposes. Thanks for reading!