Xbox vs PlayStation: Differences, pros, cons

Xbox Vs PlayStation, Both representatives of the new generation of consoles are fiercely competing with each other, but at the same time they are very similar: they have similar performance and cost, support similar technologies, offer first-class gamepads, and very fast load times. As a result, making a choice becomes difficult. Here we will take Xbox Series X Vs Playstation 5.

xbox vs playstation
xbox vs playstation

Xbox Series X Vs Playstation 5

Before moving on to the features of the two consoles, it is worth remembering that since 2020 there has been a shortage of consoles and other electronics on the market. This is due to the lack of microcircuits used to create it. Manufacturers are not able to meet the demand of buyers, so sometimes the choice is limited by the fact that a certain console is not available.

In numbers, the PlayStation 5 is noticeably more popular than the Xbox rival. By the end of 2020, when both new consoles were launched, 4.5 million PS 5 and 2.4 million Xbox Series S had been sold .

Due to the lesser popularity of the Xbox, it is a little easier to find this console for sale.

The situation is the same among the previous generation consoles: the PlayStation 4 has bypassed a similar model, the Xbox One, in terms of the number of devices sold.

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Both consoles are equipped with roughly equal components that provide similar performance. Both there and there are used:

  • 8-core processors based on AMD Zen 2 microarchitecture,
  • AMD RDNA 2 GPUs,
  • 16 GB of RAM.
xbox series x vs playstation 5
xbox series x vs playstation 5

The actual performance of the older version of the Xbox Series X is higher than that of the PlayStation 5 : 12 teraflops (that is, 12 trillion operations per second) versus 10.3 teraflops, respectively. But this difference does not greatly affect the gameplay and graphics – the differences are hardly noticeable even by experienced gamers.

More importantly, both consoles support real-time ray tracing and offer fast SSDs that load games in seconds – previous generation consoles took minutes to do.

In upcoming projects, completely seamless game worlds will appear, and gamers will no longer have to wait for loading when switching between locations.

The storage capacities of the two devices differ : 1 TB for the Xbox Series X and 825 GB for the PlayStation 5. It is worth remembering that some of the space is reserved by the system, so the actual amount of storage is even less.

To expand free space, both consoles support connecting an external hard drive or SSD-drive, but you can only run games of the previous generation from there.

Verdict: Draw.

Ninth Generation Consoles Specifications

 Playstation 5Xbox series xXbox series s
CPU8-core AMD Zen 23.5 GHz8-core AMD Zen 23.8 GHz8-core AMD Zen 23.6 GHz
GraphicsAMD Custom RDNA 2(10.3 teraflops)AMD Custom RDNA 2 (12 teraflops)AMD Custom RDNA 2(4 teraflops)
Storage deviceSSD825 GBSSD1 TBSSD512 GB
Drive unitBlu-ray 4KBlu-ray 4KNo
Permission8K (60 fps)4K (120fps)8K (60 fps)4K (120fps)4K (60fps)QHD (120fps)
backward compatibilityPS4All Xbox generationsAll Xbox generations
The weight4.5KG4.5KG2 Kg

Body and design

The subjective point, since each person decides for himself which console is better in terms of design. However, we have to admit that none of the new consoles look spectacular.

The PlayStation 5 looks vaguely like a black T-shirt worn under a white shirt or collared jacket, while the Xbox Series X is a regular box that resembles a column with a simple design.

The new consoles are much larger than their predecessors: inside the case, each of them has a powerful cooling system, which improves the performance of the device. But because of this, the consoles can hardly fit under the table or cabinet. At the same time, the Xbox is still more compact and more practical than the competitor.

Winner: Xbox Series X (narrow margin)


The Xbox Series X Wireless Controller feels and looks a lot like the Xbox One controller – even using the same AA batteries. The changes were not very big:

  • instead of the outdated MicroUSB port, a modern USB-C is provided,
  • there was a matte finish on some parts of the gamepad,
  • another cross,
  • Share button to create screenshots and short videos,
  • the triggers received a tactile pattern.

Xbox Series X / S also supports older Xbox One controllers.

The PlayStation 5 has a completely redesigned controller compared to the PS4. The new Dual Sense gamepad has become larger, which is convenient for people with large hands, and has acquired long handles that resemble fangs.

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Innovative technologies have been introduced: improved tactile feedback and adaptive triggers that adjust resistance based on gameplay. That is, the gamer will feel, for example, the effort when opening a heavy door in the game.

While these technologies are supported by a small number of games, it will grow with the proliferation of the PS5. You also need to know that the new console fully works only with DualSense. PS4 controllers are only activated in backward compatible games.

Winner: PlayStation 5.


Not the easiest point to compare, since the game libraries of both consoles will expand over time, and the choice of new games at the start of sales of consoles is traditionally limited.

Particularly bleak is the situation with the “exclusives” at the time of market entry for the Xbox Series X / S: the developer Microsoft has made it clear that new generation projects will appear only in the course of 2021 and later. At the same time, real exclusives, which will work only on the Xbox, will not appear even later: all the games will become available on the PC . Optimization of dozens of old projects for the new console improved the situation a little – they received updated graphics.

PlayStation 5 offered exclusive games right from the launch. The list was small though: a remake of Demon’s Souls and the rather short Spider-Man: Miles Morales, also released for PS4.

Later, they were joined by projects such as Returnal and the continuation of the Ratchet & Clank game series Rift Apart, where they managed to fully demonstrate the technical potential of the console.

The final decision depends on the gamer:

  • If you prefer the games of the God of War series , where a sequel is being prepared, or other Sony exclusives, then the choice is obvious – PlayStation 5.
  • If you are interested in the continuation of Halo , which has not yet been released, then you should take the Xbox. In addition, Microsoft gives its console a trump card for the future: the company has acquired the game publisher Bethesda, responsible for the games in the TES series and Fallout . Now new projects of these universes can appear bypassing the PlayStation.

An important point: if a gamer already had or has a prefix from one of the manufacturers, then it becomes easier to make a choice. By adhering to the same platform as before, you can play already purchased games and the sequels of your favorite series, as well as continue to use your usual services.

Winner: PlayStation 5 (at launch at least)

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backward compatibility

Sony and Microsoft update their consoles every few years, and game developers periodically release sequels to popular projects. Some consoles support backward compatibility, with which a gamer can play games from previous generations of consoles on their current console. This is very useful when a person wants to get acquainted with a large game series that started on old consoles.

Both newer consoles offer backward compatibility, but they are different. The PlayStation 5 plays almost all PS4 games. Projects for PS3 and older consoles can be evaluated using a subscription to the PlayStation Now cloud service, which does not yet cover Russia.

Series X / S showcases incredible compatibility with all games from the original Xbox. These are thousands of old games that can be downloaded over the Internet or run directly from disk on a new console – a huge advantage for avid gamers. Only Kinect projects are not supported.

Winner: Xbox Series X.


Both consoles provide several subscription options. For multiplayer games, the gamer (depending on the console) will need to get a PS Plus subscription for 3299 rubles per year or Xbox Live Gold, which costs 3649 rubles per year.

In addition to the very possibility of online play, each service offers several free games every month, and PS5 owners will additionally receive a library of 20 hits for the PlayStation 4, including Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne.

Xbox users looking for even more games should opt for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Unified Subscription. This includes both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass, a constantly updated collection of over 100 games.

In addition, exclusive bonuses and discounts, EA Play status, as well as access to Xbox Game Studio projects on release day and cloud games for Android smartphones are offered.

The cost of Game Pass Ultimate reaches 10 thousand rubles per year. Sony does not have a full-fledged alternative to such a subscription in Russia. Elsewhere, PS Now provides access to hundreds of games for older consoles.

Winner: Xbox Series X

Multimedia capabilities

Each of the consoles offers a wide range of multimedia applications: YouTube, Netflix, Apple TV, Twitch, and others. Moreover, the list of available services is gradually expanding.

Both consoles are equipped with an optical drive for Blu – Ray and DVD discs. Consoles can play movies in 4K or even 8K-resolution with HDR support – both from physical media and online.

Both platforms are connected to TVs using an HDMI cable. A small advantage of the PlayStation for some users will be support for PSVR virtual reality helmets and games for them – the Xbox does not offer this.

Verdict: Draw


It is impossible to identify an unconditional leader in such a situation, despite the slight advantage of the Xbox Series X. Both platforms are comparable in terms of functionality and performance, so a draw will be a fairer outcome.

CharacteristicPlaystation 5Xbox series x
Body and design
backward compatibility
Multimedia capabilities

Aside from ambiguities like design, the real benefits of consoles are:

  • In the Xbox – excellent backward compatibility and the best subscription system.
  • In the PlayStation – exclusive games right from the start of sales, as well as more user-friendly recycled gamepad.

The main confrontation between the new generation consoles will affect not so much the hardware as games and software. The platform that is more user-friendly and offers the best set of games wins. As a result, gamers need to focus on their own gaming preferences – this is the main thing.

First of all, select interesting (especially exclusive) games for yourself – and only then buy the console for which they will be available.

Previous generation console options

If the cost of basic modifications is too high, then you can pay attention to more affordable offers.

In the case of Sony, the price difference between the original PS 5 and PS 5 Digital Edition is minimal: just a few thousand rubles. This is due to the fact that the Digital Edition is a full-fledged PlayStation 5 with all functionality, only without an optical drive.

The Xbox Series S costs half the price of the Series X because it’s a big trade-off. The console does not have an optical drive, the solid-state drive is half that of the original, only 10 GB of RAM is provided, and the performance is four times weaker only 4 teraflops.

This is not a device that a gamer wants to see for games in 4K, but if such a resolution is not needed, the Series S will do. The model is still equipped with an ultra-fast SSD and supports the latest technologies, including ray tracing.

Series S also outperforms the flagship of the previous generation – Xbox One X, which is more powerful only “on paper”. A more powerful processor and faster storage give the Series S faster loading and frame rates.

The result is almost a draw: it is more difficult to recommend the “cut-down” Xbox, while the cost of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition in Russia is almost equal to the price of the original console so it’s difficult to call it a “younger” one. But it’s much better than the Xbox Series S, so the choice is clear between the two.

PlayStation 4 Pro vs Xbox one x

Choosing a legacy console is becoming less profitable every month as game developers switch to new consoles. But it’s still a good option if you want to evaluate the games of recent years without spending a lot of money.

The previous generation models were also produced in several versions, the most powerful of which were the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Talking about earlier versions of consoles is not worth it: they are completely outdated and rarely found on sale.

Despite their high performance, both set-top boxes are significantly inferior to devices of the new generation – both in terms of speed and quality of graphics. Ray tracing is not supported, games load much slower. Therefore, gamers who value maximum detail and visuals should only choose from the latest models.

If the choice is limited to older versions, then we must admit: Xbox One X is slightly more powerful than PS Pro – 6 teraflops versus 4.2. This affects the quality of the picture, but not in every game – it all depends on the specific project.

In some places, the difference between the two consoles is almost imperceptible. Both consoles support 4K resolution, but in the case of the PS4, this is more of a gimmick. In fact, the device “stretches” the picture in 1440p resolution to the desired 4K.

PS4 Pro has a disadvantage fixed in PS5 – high noise level under load, reaching 65dB in the first revision of the console. The hum of the device can be heard even in headphones with passive sound isolation. The Xbox One X is quieter (no more than 56dB under load) and offers a more compact chassis than the PS4 Pro.

Each console has other features as well:

  • The PS4 allows you to replace the installed hard drive with a faster SSD and is compatible with VR headsets just like the later PS5.
  • The Xbox does not offer this, but the Blu-ray drive of the set-top box supports 4K – which the PlayStation 4 Pro cannot boast of.
 PlayStation ProXbox one x
CPU8-core AMD Jaguar 2.1 GHz8-core AMD Jaguar 2.3 GHz
GraphicsAMD Radeon (4.2 teraflops)AMD Radeon (6 teraflops)
Memory8 GB GDDR512 GB GDDR5
Storage deviceHDD 1 TBHDD 1 TB
Drive unitBlu-rayBlu-ray 4K
PermissionFrom Full HD to QH Dup to interpolated 4K HDRFull HD QHD honest 4K HDR
backward compatibilityNoLegacy Xbox games
The weight3.3 kg3.8 kg

As for gamepads, it all depends on the user – you should try both options and choose the best one.

The PS4 DualShock 4 controller has been warmly received by gamers as a noticeable improvement over the PS3 controller. There is also a slight advantage over the Xbox controller: The DualShock 4 comes with a rechargeable battery, not AA batteries.

The choice of games – as is the case with the newest consoles – is tied to the preferences of the gamer. Over the years, each console on the market has acquired a gigantic set of games of different genres, the list of which can be evaluated on the Internet, including on the official sites of both platforms.

All Xbox One variants are fully backward compatible. PlayStation 4 does not have such an opportunity and is designed only for games created specifically for this console.

It should also be said that Microsoft is more focused on extending the relevance of the Xbox One since in the coming years all games released for Series X / S will be compatible with the previous generation. At the same time, the quality of graphics of new projects, of course, will be higher on Series X / S.

The only significant advantage of the previous generation of consoles, in the end, is the lower price of the devices. New games will be released for the PS4 for some time, although many projects are already targeting only the technical capabilities of the new, ninth generation. But in this pair of competitive consoles, the best is Xbox One